Authors Guidelines

Language Refinement
GSL refines the language of your research work / research presentation manuscript, provides editing services as required to make your work look better, concise, clear and understandable. We have a big team of English language editors who will edit your work to make it look the way it should.

Submitting your manuscript
We encourage only online submissions. Authors can submit their manuscript round the clock, 24/7. Authors are requested to submit their manuscript in one of the following formats: Word File (saved as .doc, docx etc) or pdf. There is certainly no limit of pages. You can submit any-length manuscripts. If you face any difficulty in submitting your manuscript then please, contact our technical support team. You can email your queries to

Peer Review
We accept and publish only quality articles. All submissions will have to go through strict peer review process. Our experts in peer review will make sure that your article meets our quality guidelines and standards of unparalleled academic excellence. Please, note that only those papers which are accepted by our editors are entitled for peer review. If your submission is rejected by our team of editors then you will be informed of the same at the earliest.

Terms & Conditions
We request our authors to read the following terms and conditions before they actually submit their work to us.

If you have any concerns and you wish to know more about our publication process then you can email us to

Multiple submissions
If you have already submitted two manuscripts and they are under editing, evaluation and peer review processes then we request you to wait until we publish them in our journal. You can submit two-three manuscripts at a time as well but publication of them would be in a row as required. We take minimum amount of time possible to publish your articles. We always give you the status of your manuscript whether it has crossed the stages of editing or moved to the next level or not or if it is being ready for final stage of publication etc.

Information Needed
Each submission should have the following information:

Your paper should have an abstract. It should be citation-free. It should not be more than 200 words.

Your paper should have simple, easy-to-understand Introduction. It should not have any subheadings.

Material /Methods
Methods and material should be detailed as required. Authors can use subsections if they are making use of several methods.

Result and Discussion
Result and Discussion in your paper can be divided into subheadings or can be presented in a combined manner.

Conclusion in your paper should be clear. It should effectively highlight the importance or the relevance of the work.

Acknowledgements should be placed only at the end of the paper (more precisely, before the reference section). Authors can include presentations, support grants etc.

References should be accurate and complete. They should be numbered in correct way.

Citations in the text should be very clear. Use square brackets to show citations of references (For example, as mentioned by Pareil [5] or as explained by Koehler [12,13] etc.). If you do not include the citations in the text then they will be removed.

Figures and Tables
Figures and Tables can be included in your article. They should be provided in a separate file. Upon acceptance of your manuscript, our team will contact you to help you understand more about how table; figures are inserted into your article. You can submit features only in vector arts formats (For instance, EPS, FreeHand, Illustrator, CorelDraw, Excel, PowerPoint, WMF etc.) or other formats such as bitmap formats (JPG, TIFF, GIF etc). But, they should have standard resolution (not more than 300 dpi resolution). Tables in your text should be cited in a correct way. Tables should have correct description and if they show numeral measurements then it is necessary that units should be inserted in the column headings. Please, do not use vertical rows in your tables.

Corrections / Proof
GSL will make all necessary corrections in your article (editing / adding images as required etc) and will send you the proofs which should be return to us within 3 working days as we want to get your article published as soon as we can.

Disclosure Policy
An author may have a conflict of interest in concerned areas of research or paper submitted on the subject. If you have such conflict of interest then you should disclose it and if you do not have then please, write to us as follows: “I declared that there is no conflict of interest with regard to publication of my research work published at GSL.” If you have any queries then pleaser, email us to