Annals of Cancer Research and Therapeutics

Our Journal on Annals of Cancer Research and Therapeutics publishes innovative, informative and orginal works on cancer research. It focuses on issues of concern in the areas of cancer biology, epidemiology and treatments of cancer. The annals of cancer research and therapeutics journals is a peer reviewed and available on open access. 

The major aim of this journal is to provide a wider forum for clinicians, scholars, preclinical and clinical investigators, oncologists and students to present their studies for the greater benefit of mankind. The studies published in our journal are critically reviewed by the editorial team and suggestions are imparted to make the article better.

The main capacity of the journal lies towards cancer therapy, Cancer Immunology, cancer prevention, apoptosis, tumor pathology and genetic cancer research, epidemiology of cancer and transitional cancer. The journal annals of cancer research also include mini-review and reviews, editorial letters, recent advancements in oncology treatments and case studies for raising awareness amongst the readers.