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Urology is a fast growing specialty that addresses the issues related to urinary incontinence, prostate diseases, erectile dysfunction and genitourinary medicine. Our open access journal, current trends of urology, publishes high quality peer reviewed articles and research papers to keep the scientists, students, healthcare practitioners and urology specialists well informed. Urogynaecology is also discussed in our journal which is a new sub-specialty and is aimed making the women aware of the issue related to urinary incontinence and pelvic floor disorders and to break the taboo surrounding these issues.

The journal encompasses research findings and original articles from doctors, nurses, academicians, scientists, clinical investigators and healthcare practitioners in the areas of radiation cystitis, prostrate cyst, sacrocolpopexy, ileal ureter and testicular trauma etc

The journal provides its readers research topics and ideas that are currently affecting the health of men and women in the area of urology. Current trends of urology publishes the most recent advances in the field of medical and surgical urology as review articles, short communications and case reports, mini reviews etc online to provide free access to clinical researchers all over the world. 

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