GSL Journal of Cardiovascular Diseases

The GSL journal of cardiovascular diseases is an international, peer reviewed, open access journal, committed towards publishing most recent and innovative advancements in the area of cardiovascular diseases. The main aim of the journal is to provide a common access platform to all academicians and scientists from all over the world to share, discuss and promote various latest developments in cardiovascular diseases.


The articles submitted to our publication are rigorously and fairly edited to best suit our standard to boost the impact factor of the journal. Basic and clinical sciences of cardiovascular diseases are discussed at length in our journal and the editorial team is devoted to the quick endorsement of useful information about cardiovascular diseases and their treatments.


The scope of our journal comprises research work from multidisciplinary scientists and researchers whose primary focus is to investigate, expand and integrate information on the etiology and molecular mechanics of cardiovascular system. To achieve its aim, the journal publishes original finding, researches, reviews, systematic reviews, diseases therapies and new techniques addressing the issues of cardiovascular disorders. Case reports, letter to the editor and presentation abstracts are also published.