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GSL journal of Public Health and Epidemiology is an open access, peer-reviewed journal that is dedicated towards the ongoing researches in diagnosis of Public Health, Health Education, Health Care System, Health Effects, Health Hazard, Health Risk, Nutrition Policies, Food safety, Hygiene, Safety Programs, Risk Assessment, Health Professional, Chronic Disease, Statistical Significance, Processed Food, Human Health Safety, Quality of Life, Primary Care, Infectious Diseases, Globalization, Nutrition, Risk Management, Adverse Health Effects, Genetic Factors, Malnutrition, Heavy Metal effects on Health. Original research articles, review articles, case reports, clinical cases, communications etc are published from all over the world to promote research in the areas of Public Health to build up the scientific community.

Readers of this journal will be exposed to the broad array of topics in Public Health and Epidemiology, etc. Articles related to Epidemiology of Mental Health, Public Health, Health Planning & Policy, Communicable & Non-communicable Diseases, Epidemiology, Health Care Policies, Environmental Health, Family Medicine & Care, Child Health Care Services, Population Health Statistics are also published.

GSL journal of Public Health and Epidemiology gives much emphasis on recent developments in techniques and methodology which are the resources for the research community and ensures rapid and fast publication as well as circulation. 

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