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GSL Journal of Transplantation is an open access peer-reviewed journal publishing high quality articles on all related disciplines of transplantation such as heart transplant, lung transplant, kidney transplant, bone-marrow transplant, tissue transplant, pancreas transplant, corneal transplant, eyeball transplant, skin transplant, knee transplant, womb transplant, organ donation, neural transplant, intestine transplant, thymus transplant, etc. All the researchers of the related area are encouraged to publish their work for quality review and fast publication in open access platform for a great exposure.

GSL Journal accepts all original research articles, review articles, case reports, clinical cases, communications, clinical studies, editorials, expert opinion and perspective papers, commentaries, etc are published from all over the world to promote research in the areas of all organs transplantation to build up the scientific community.

GSL Journal of Transplantation research gives much emphasis on recent developments in techniques and methodology which are the resources for the research community and ensures rapid and fast publication as well as circulation. 


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