Immunology and Auto immune Diseases Open access

Our journal on immunology & autoimmune diseases is a peer reviewed, scholarly, open access journal that focuses on making original findings and research in the all aspects of immunology including immune deficiency, immune response, diseases of the immune system and immune system boosters.


The major aim of the journal is to bring forth information related to all aspects of processes and biological structures that occur within a live organism to guard it against infections and diseases by waging a war on external agents including viruses, parasitic worms, pathogens etc and differentiate these external agents from the organism’s own tissues which are healthy. 


Immunology & Autoimmune Diseases journal is inclined towards the betterment of the society and is focused to create a platform and a network which is interactive through discussions and comments which can truly help in improving the knowledge of immunology and autoimmune diseases.  Immunologists, physicians, researchers and all other healthcare professionals are encouraged to use this platform to spread information and exchange ideas of research in immunology.


Immunology & Autoimmune Diseases journal welcomes original findings and research articles, rapid communication, review articles, mini reviews, case reports and editorial letters related to clinical and basic research in immunology & autoimmune diseases which include immune deficiency, immune response etc.