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International Journal of Surgery aims to promote awareness globally in the advancements of surgical clinical practice, research and education. It is dedicated to publishing new developments and techniques in all surgical specialties and encourages sharing of knowledge, good practices and ideas.

Readers of international journal of surgery will be pleased to know that we critically peer-review, edit and improve the submissions made to our journal and keep the journal up-to-date with recent advances made in surgical specialties. We aim at upholding the standards in cutting edge surgical research and are focused on evidence-based medicine outputs to enhance the credibility of our journal. We also publish special editorials and issues in which letters from the surgical society and editorials are published to keep the readers, researchers, scholars and students well informed.

We cover all specialties of surgery to spread and transfer the ideas behind innovative surgical implementations and also to blend the minds from across different specialties of surgery. In this way we do not tunnel-vision the specialties and discourage the drift towards publishing sub-specialties that impound the importance of advancements made in surgeries in other domains.

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