Journal of Clinical Cellular and Molecular Biology

Immunology is the study of biomedical sciences which deals with the response of the organism towards the environmental factor. An interesting yet complex relationship between the invading external particle and defense mechanism of the organism is seen in this process. 


This peer reviewed and open access journal publishes articles which include topics from cellular and clinical immunology like tumor biology, systemic lupus erythmatosus, transplantation immunology, macrophage polarization, innate immunology, cellular and molecular immunology, adaptive immunity, vaccine development, innate immunity, cancer immunotherapy, dignal transduction, HIV immunology, medical immunology, allergy immunology, multiple sclerosis, immunomodulation, T-cell immunology, neuroinflammation etc


The journal of clinical Cellular & Molecular Biology is aimed at publishing original articles, reviews, short communication, commentaries, case studies and letter to the editor on the varied topics of cellular and clinical immunology for the purpose of making these manuscripts freely available worldwide to both students and researchers for education and research.