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The immune and nervous are always in continuous dialogue but the aspect of how these two intellectual systems function and bond together are still being investigated to address the growth of neurological disorders like Alzheimer’s disease. These systems are being studied at a molecular level to know them better.

Our journal of neuro immunology provides a forum to the researchers, scholars, neurologists and students to publish their findings to further advance the working knowledge of neurological sciences. We encourage publication of articles in the field of neurosciences which involves neuro virology, neurochemistry, neuropathology, neuro endocrinology, neuromuscular research, and neuro psychology and neuro pharmacology.  Thus our aim is to publish and promote research and clinical information pertaining to neuro science.

We are inclined towards the broad research that goes on in the areas of the brain tumours, AIDS, multiple sclerosis, myasthenia gravis and AIDS etc. Focusing towards different approaches in the development of neurological treatments, our journal gives its readers an in-depth analysis of the properties and interactions of the nervous tissue during the growth of the disease.

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