Subject Areas

Ø  Addiction psychiatry

Ø  Brain Injury Medicine

Ø  Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Ø  Clinical neurophysiology

Ø  Epilepsy

Ø  Forensic psychiatry

Ø  Geriatric psychiatry

Ø  Hospice and palliative medicine

Ø  Pain medicine

Ø  Psychosomatic medicine

Ø  Sleep medicine

Ø  Cross-cultural psychiatry

Ø  Emergency psychiatry

Ø  Learning disability

Ø  Neurodevelopmental disorder

Ø  Cognition diseases as in various forms of dementia

Ø  Biological psychiatry

Ø  Community psychiatry

Ø  Global Mental Health

Ø  Military psychiatry

Ø  Social psychiatry

Ø  Neuropsychiatry

Ø  Neuroscience Psychology

Ø  Mental Illness

Ø  Personality Disorder

Ø  Behavioral Medicine

Ø  Social Psychiatry

Ø  Geriatric Psychiatry

Ø  Autism & Developmental Disorders

Ø  Psychological Disorders and Psychotherapy

Ø  Depression & Anxiety

Ø  Child & Adolescent Psychiatry

Ø  Schizophrenia

Ø  Bipolar Disorders

Ø  Cognitive Disorder

Ø  Depressive Disorders

Ø  Eating Disorders

Ø  Stress Related Disorders