Review Article

A Competency-Based Midwifery E-Workplace Learning Portfolio: Concept, Theory and Pedagogy

Author: Mieke Embo

Competency-based workplace learning is well established in health care education and e-Portfolios have become increasingly popular among educators as valuable learning and assessment tools. e-Portfolios come in various shapes and forms, they are used in a multitude of different settings and for different purposes. Published studies show that e-Portfolios can be utilized to facilitate self-directed learning and continuous competency development during the workplace learning curriculum. Therefore, the midwifery department of the Artevelde University College Ghent designed a digital workplace learning portfolio on the bases of Embo’s Continuous Workplace Learning model. This paper aims to describe the Midwifery e-Workplace Learning Portfolio with its underlying competency-based workplace learning concepts, theory and pedagogy.