Research Article

Chest Wall Thickness Measurement for Insertion of Self-Fixating C-Lant Device


Background: The C-Lant is a self-fixating device intended for access to the pleural cavity in chest trauma and for the treatment of pleural and mediastinal sepsis. In order to determine the size of the device necessary for use in patients, chest wall thickness measurements were analyzed in the Department of Surgery in Ziv Medical Center. Methods: A retrospective study of CT scans of the thorax was carried out with measurements being taken at the 2nd and 5th intercostal spaces. Results: Mean wall thickness was 54.83±18.03mm in 2nd intercostal space and 34.08±11.33mm in 5th intercostal space. Distances between the ribs were 11.35±3.03mm (between 2nd and 3rd ribs), 10.34±3.58mm (between 4th and 5th ribs) and 12.12±4.60mm (between 5th and 6th ribs). Conclusions: Technical specifications for final product design and manufacturing may now be planned using these results after which the C-Lant device should be tested in the clinical setting.