Research Article

Cognitive Perspective Taking Ability in Patients with Madelung’s Disease

Author: Sandra Kaltner

We investigated the mental rotation performance of patients with Madelung’s disease compared to that of unaffected people with focus on the differentiation between object-based and egocentric transformations. Images of both - one Madelung’s patient and one healthy person - were used as stimulus material. We assumed Madelung’s patients to differ regarding their general appearance from healthy individuals. Since the representation of the own body is required especially in egocentric transformations, impairments of Madelung’s patients should be more pronounced for egocentric transformations. Results showed that these patients were impaired in egocentric transformations when an image of both a Madelung’s patient and a healthy individual was presented. A decreased performance in the object-based transformation was restricted to the use of a healthy human figure. This may be due to a stronger link between the body representation and egocentric transformations, which may indicate that the self-representation is altered in this clinical sample.