Review Article

Coping Well’ within Nursing Practice

Author: Kathleen Hudson

To be able to cope well within nursing practice takes time, reflection, and positive personal growth (experiential learning). Building effective coping skills are necessary for nurses to remain engaged and committed to their practice. Coping is a complicated maneuver within healthcare as the environment and psychosocial interactions are quite complex. Nurses’ work within a milieu consistently comprised of: stressful patients and families, novice to expert peers caregivers, colleagues and administrators with variable expectations for care provision, shifting time schedules for various care activities, and still, basic needs of bathroom and food breaks. This article reflects the fundamental components of both nurses’ coping and resilience. Following this are creative strategies for nurses to use including: self-care, care standards and advancements, ethical competence, emotional presencing, resilience, and excellent and caring communication. These are complex components required for today’s nurses to remain engaged and reflecting high ethical standards when delivering their nursing care for their patients’ and families’ wellbeing.