Dental Disorder in Zika Virus Infection

Author: Wiwanitkit V

The Zika virus is an arbovirus that has been well-known for few years after its big epidemic in America causing many cases of congenital Zika virus disease. In America, the disease already attacks thousands of local people before it spread worldwide at present. The disease is accepted as the global public health issue and it is still required proper counteracting management against the Zika virus infection. The Zika virus infection is usually asymptomatic [1] but it can cause neurological problem and the vertical transmission in pregnant subjects is confirmed. In general, Zika virus infection can cause acute febrile illness that makes it difficult to clinical differentiate from common tropical infections such as dengue [2]. The emergence of microcephaly due to vertical transmission from pregnant mothers in infants with congenital Zika virus disease draws attention worldwide to this newly emerging arbovirus infection [3]. As an arbovirus infection, mosquito control is usually recommended as a combating preventive measure against Zika virus infection. Nevertheless, the new emerging identified modes of Zika virus transmissions such as sexual transmission make the control more difficult [4].