Short Communication

Diagnostic Value of Procalcitonin, C Reactive Protein, Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate and White Blood Cell in Children with Pneumonia

Author: Tianli Bai

Objective: To investigate the clinical value of Procalcitonin (PCT), C Reactive Protein (CRP), Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR) and White Blood Cell (WBC) in the early diagnosis of bronchopneumonia in children. Methods: 208 cases of bronchial pneumonia diagnosed by chest X-ray or chest CT were selected as the subjects of 2016.6-2017.6. According to the blood test, they were divided into bacterial group (92 cases), Mycoplasma group (70 cases) and virus group (46 cases), Another selection of healthy children during the same period as the control group were detected PCT, CRP, ESR and WBC levels, the differences were compared between the 3 groups of 4 indicators and compared with the control group children, positive PCT, CRP, ESR calculation and WBC in accordance with its corresponding positive rate and diagnostic criteria the value of the 4 indicators, with comprehensive evaluation in the diagnosis of pneumonia in children. Results: The levels of PCT, CRP, ESR and WBC in the bacterial pneumonia group were higher than those in the Mycoplasma pneumonia group and the viral pneumonia group, The difference was statistically significant (P<0.01); In the positive rate of PCT and CRP, the bacterial pneumonia group and Mycoplasma pneumonia group were higher than other indexes and the positive rate of serum PCT in the viral pneumonia group was lower than other indexes. Conclusion: PCT and CRP can identify the etiology of pneumonia in children, combined detection of PCT, CRP, ESR and WBC has important significance in differential diagnosis of pneumonia in children, and has high value in guiding the application of clinical antibiotics. CRP, WBC determination and traditional auscultation can be used as a preliminary screening diagnosis of bronchial pneumonia, but with the development of technology innovation, detection, combined detection of serological indexes of various clinical value in infectious diseases gradually emerged, the detection method of the etiology of early replacement. At present, PCT and ESR are widely used in this study, and the diagnostic value of 4 inflammatory markers in bronchial pneumonia is expounded.