Research Article

Impact of prison environment of inmates of high-down prisons

Author: Akinyemi Gabriel

The goal of creating the prison as an institution in nations around the world including the United Kingdom is to rehabilitate and reform offenders. However, there have been several debates about the effectiveness of the prison system. This research proposal is based on the impact of prison environment on inmates of high down prisons in the United Kingdom. This proposal is an offshoot of a previous research carried out in Kirikiri maximum prisons in Lagos, Nigeria by the researcher. The goal of the research is to compare and contrast between what entails in Nigerian prisons and the United Kingdom prisons and to proffer solutions and make recommendations for improvements in the prison system as a whole. The main sources of information for this research will be primary and secondary materials which include oral interviews, administration of questionnaires, journals and government’s gazettes. The research will critically review the situations of the British prisons with HMPhigh-down prison as a case study. To achieve this, fifty inmates of HMP prisons will be selected through simple random sampling to partake in the survey. Questionnaire will also be administered to the inmates to ask series of questions about life behind bars, the staffs of the prison will be interviewed orally. When analyzing the data collected, it will be done through quantitative and qualitative analysis. The time frame will span three months, from July to September 2014.