Case Report

Localized Lipedema on the Medial Aspects of Knee: A Case Report

Author: Zeliha Unlu

Lipedema is a chronic metabolic disorder of the adipose tissue, of unknown aetiology, and is marked by a bilateral and symmetrical swelling of the lower extremities, caused by extensive deposits of subcutaneous fatty tissue (local lipohypertrophy). Proliferative subcutaneous fatty tissue compresses the lymph collectors of the superficial lymphatic system. Lymphedema is characterized swelling of soft tissues by accumulation of lymphatic fluid [1]. If lipolympedema remains untreated, it will progress through the same stages as pure lymphedema [1,2]. A helpful diagnostic tool to distinguish lipedema from lymphedema is Stemmers sign. Limb circumference or volume measurements are commonly used for diagnosis and for following lymphedema progression [3]. Developing technology also brings new approaches for lymphedema diagnosis: bioimpedance, 99mTc lymphoscintigraphy, magnetic resonance lymphangiography etc. Ultrasound is recently developing imaging technique for both lymphedema diagnosis and follow up [4]. In this case report localized lipedema which diagnosed with ultrasonography, in a patient with osteoarthritis in the knee joint was discussed.