Case Report

Malignant External Otitis: Report on a Rare Case

Author: Giovana Zuliani

Necrotizing or malignant external otitis is an inflammatory condition of the external ear that is usually caused by infection by Pseudomonas. It is more prevalent among elderly, diabetic or immunosuppressed people. It generally occurs through trauma and/or iatrogenic maneuvers in the external auditory canal, thus providing an entrance for infection. This entity this therefore more common unilaterally, and bilateral occurrence is rare. Facial paralysis is common on these cases; along with occasional involvement of other cranial nerves. The present case report describes a patient with bilateral malignant external otitis who presented destruction of the infratemporal bone and auditory canals on both sides. This case was refractory to optimized clinical treatment, and a surgical approach was needed to improve the symptoms.