Case Report

Neglected Congenital Bilateral Trigger Thumb: A Case Report

Author: Rudy

Neglected congenital bilateral trigger thumb is an uncommon anomaly in children. Its management is controversial, ranging from observation to extensive surgical release. We report a case presentation of bilateral trigger thumb with a brief review of literature. Case Report: A 3 years old girl presented with fixed flexion deformity of interphalangeal joints of both thumb. We diagnosed as neglected bilateral trigger thumb and released of bilateral A1 pulleys. Methods: The operation was performed under general anaesthesia. A transverse incision was made over the nodule in the tendon of flexor pollicis longus. The A 1 pulley was divided longitudinally. The tendon of flexor pollicis longus was then delivered into the wound to break down any adhesions. The thumb was assessed for full extension at the interphalangeal joint. Results: All thumb MP (metacarpophalangeal) joints were stable with less than 200 of passive hyperextension.The range of motion of MP and IP was symmetric for both thumb. The children were allowed to mobilise the thumb freely within the dressings. There is no complication occur with our patient.