Research Article

The Desire to be Thin: Motivating Factors for Weight Loss among Men Who Auditioned for NBC’s the Biggest Loser

Author: Darren D Moore

The purpose of the study was to explore motivating factors for weight loss among men who auditioned for NBC’s “The Biggest Loser,” a popular weight-loss reality television show. Utilizing Conventional Qualitative Content Analysis, the authors analyzed 30 YouTube video submissions from obese men who desired to lose weight and earn a spot on the show. The study revealed four themes which included: The desire for improved health, 2) The desire for enhanced role in the family, 3) The desire for increased social interaction, and 4) The desire for advanced employment. This article includes a rich description of the data, as well as a discussion regarding implications for medical professionals and allied health professionals, who may be interested in developing weightloss interventions targeted at the reduction of obesity among the male population