Short Communication

The Epidemiology of Systemic Sarcoidosis in Eastern Hertfordshire, UK

Author: Desmond P Kidd

Background: Sarcoidosis is an uncommon multi-system disease characterised by the development of granulomatous inflammation within affected tissues. The purpose of this study was firstly to redefine the incidence of sarcoidosis within a UK population and secondly to identify the potential cost to the National Health Service of provision of optimal treatment for all manifestations of the disease. Methods: A population of 51566 people living in the eastern Hertfordshire region of the UK was studied prospectively over a three year period in a general practice setting. Results: Fifteen new cases were identified of whom half showed multi-system disease at onset. The annualised incidence of the disease in this population was 9.69x105. Conclusion: The results show that the prevalence of systemic sarcoidosis in a representative population of the UK is the same as that in other countries. The results have been used to estimate the annual cost of provision of biological therapies in the disease in the UK.