Research Article

The Forensic Application of Microbiological Quality of the Vitreous Humor on the Investigation of Acute and Chronic Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Author: Agoro ES

Vitreous humor is understood to be bacterial free and not prone to contamination even at advanced stage of putrefaction. The research was tailored to validate the bacterial status of the vitreous and the attendant effect of carbon monoxide on bacterial population in the vitreous. In this study, thirty six (36) rabbits of same sex and age were divided into two phases of acute and chronic categories. The acute category was further divided into three groups of six rabbit each (controls, disguised death and carbon monoxide death groups). However, the chronic category constituted four groups of six rabbit each (controls, 10th day, 20th day and 30th day groups). Vitreous humor were extracted from the eyes of rabbits in all the study groups and cultured on varieties of agars for the purpose of assessing the possibility of bacterial growth. The results showed no bacterial growth in all the categories and groups, except for the positive controls. The study has further affirmed vitreous humor to be bacterial free and sterile even with carbon monoxide poisoning and death