Review Article

The Impact of Comorbid Depression in Adult African Americans with Diabetes: A Systematic Review

Author: Brenda Marshall

Adequate insight on the existence of diabetes comorbid depression can help healthcare providers prevent the occurrence of complications and depression among African American adult diabetics. This systematic review of the literature, focused on identifying the correlation between diabetes and depression among African American adults ages 19 to 65 years old in publications between 2013-2017. Articles from CINAHL, Medline, Science Direct, and Simmons Library were reviewed using the Roy adaptation model subsystems as the framework. The evidence from the study is grouped into Roy’s subsystems of adaptation. The result from the study shows five out of the ten articles addressing diabetes comorbid depression in role function, four articles in physical complications, two in self-concept, and all the articles addressing interdependence in their discussion. The conclusion of the study is that role function and physical complications show high correlation between diabetes and depression therefore healthcare providers need to help patients concerning role function to prevent physical complications and depression.