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The Impact of User’ Learning Style on Online Customer Service Effectiveness

Hafid Agourram

National culture determines the shared learning style of its people. In a particular culture, people may learn best when content is made of videos, graphs, pictures, charts. In another culture they learn better by talking, discussing and chatting. In another culture, by reading and writing, and in other cultures by experimenting. At the same time all online businesses assume a static customer learning style. The design of the sites usually reflects the designer learning style and cognitive styles which in turn reflect the learning style type if people in particular culture. However, the sharp increase number in online businesses shifted the attention and the focus of management to the quality and effectiveness of online customer service sites. We argue that the fit between the designs of the content with the customer’s learning style may increase online service effectiveness. We proposed a three step approach to implement the model. The service site is designed in such a way that it offers contents that fits each of VARK learning styles. As soon as the customer uploads the site, he or she responds to VARK learning style questionnaires. The questionnaire may complete within five minutes. The system analyses the questionnaire and automatically uploads the content that would fit the user preferred learning style