Research Article

The Role of Organisational Culture on the Occurrence of Workplace Bullying: Effects on Organisational Commitment and Job Satisfaction

Author: Eleanna Galanaki

This paper focuses on workplace bullying and the relation of its occurrence with the organisational culture and values. Although a significant amount and level of research has been realised on workplace bullying, it mostly focuses on the incidence and implications of the phenomenon for the individual experiencing it (victim), or the one exercising it (bully). Based on a 364-respondent’s survey, we explore the relation of the incidence of workplace bullying with the 9 dimensions of organisational culture, as developed for the Globe research project which, along with the Hofstede one, is one of the most renowned studies on organisational culture. Concurrently, the relation of the 9 organisational culture dimensions with organisational commitment and job satisfaction are explored. This work furthers the study of organisational culture on dispositional and attitudinal measures, while it is one of the first to examine the relation of the incidence of workplace bullying based on organizational culture