Review Article

The Use of Mindfulness Therapy as a Therapeutic Option for Zumbido: A Systematic Review

Author: Amanda dos Humildes Maia Santos

Introduction: Tinnitus is a clinical condition that affects thousands of individuals around the world. Although there is no standardization in the treatment recommended in the literature, there is an arsenal of drug and non-drug options available and it is precisely from this perspective of new therapeutic tendencies that the discussion about mindfulness arises. Objective: To evaluate the full attention therapy in the management of tinnitus. Methodology: A systematic review of the literature was carried out using the following descriptors: tinnitus, full-care therapy and their related correlates in English, as well as the use of Medical Subject Headings (MeSH). The research was carried out in the databases MEDLINE / PUBMED, Lilacs, Scielo. We included studies in which tinnitus was diagnosed through specialist assessment or the application of validated scales and criteria for the symptom and that evaluated the use of full-care therapy as a therapeutic option for tinnitus, and the group had a placebo stimulus. Results: Through this systematic review, a total of 111 (one hundred and eleven) patients were submitted to full-care therapy, with an average of 7.5 sessions. From the questionnaires and evaluative criteria used by each study, including the secondary assessment scale VAS (used by 2 studies), the TPIQ and TQ, a positive response was found in 100% of the cases - all with a statistically significant result (p <0.005). Conclusion: From the present study it was possible to define a positive effect of full attention therapy on tinnitus therapy. Due to the small number of studies using similar methodologies it was not possible to perform a meta-analysis.