Research Article

Trade Relations between European Union and China

Author: Zdzisław W Puślecki

In this research work, Author focus on the analysis of the main problems of trade relations between European Union and China. What indicates the importance and innovativeness of the research is the presentation of the technical progress especially in China, the growth of economic ties with the European Union and the benefits resulting from liberalised of the China foreign trade policy. Accordance to the foreign trade policy theory further trade liberalisation and improved framework policies would increase trade and promote growth. It must be emphasized that openess to trade is associated with higher incomes and growth and there are the need for new approaches to trade cooperation in light of the forces that are currently re-shaping international business. The key of trade developments within the broader socio-economic context is especially the rise of global supply chains, the general shift of trade power away from the West towards Asia and also from the European Union to People Republic of China. In the new circumstances for the development of the global economy and the global trade, People Republic of China seems to be a production superpower, able to change the world trade and also the European Union’s extra trade. In many areas it possesses comparative advantages. China may continue their development to specialise in electronics and increasingly in services. With or without further trade agreements between two partners, services will be more traded and trade policies will have to adjust to changes in the organisation of global value change. The question raised is whether the West and also European Union will see China’s rise as an opportunity for cooperation or for conflict. Economic growth is generally more preferable in China to military and extensive expansion. With new investments, a country can transform its position through industrial expansion at home and sustain it through international trade. China is especially sensitive to the advantages of intensive growth and will not wish to disrupt essential economic arrangements that have been crucial to her success. The main aim of the article is the presentation main problems of trade relations between European Union and China. In the article presents inequality development of China, the liberalisation effect of trade policy, China production superpower, European Union and China in the light of global competitiveness strategy of Europe 2020.