Research Article

An Extraordinary Crime Scene

Author: Bryan R Burnett

The homicides of attorneys Barbara Scharton and Daniel Lyons occurred in separate bedrooms of their newly constructed home in city of Santa Barbara, California, USA in 2009. The brother of Daniel Lyons, Corey Lyons, was convicted of the homicides. Analyses of the crime scenes showed two or more assailants were likely, contrary to the prosecution’s theory of one assailant presented in the trial of Corey Lyons. The attack on Barbara Scharton in a bedroom on the first floor of the home involved a .22 caliber revolver (four discharges) and a 12 gauge shotgun (one discharge). Scharton’s death was by a shotgun discharge to her face. The attack on Daniel Lyons in a bedroom on the second floor involved a.38 caliber revolver (five discharges), a 12 gauge shotgun (four discharges), a physical struggle between one or more assailants and two blows on his head with a hatchet. Lyons’ death was by exsanguation. Lyons’ body was staged and a bloodied cloth taken from his body. The home was searched by the assailants and items taken. The assailants were careful not to leave evidence of the burglary