Research Article

The Effectiveness of Kinesiotaping to Reduce the Incidence of Shoulder Impingement Syndrome in Baseball Pitchers who PerformRepetitive Overhead Movements: A Systematic Review

Author: Karen Coker

Shoulder Impingement (SIS) is one of the common causes of shoulder pain in overarm athletes and accounts for almost one third of shoulder injuries in baseball players. Kinesiotape (KT) is a stretch tape, which is used as an intervention for SIS with positive results. This systematic review evaluates current research evidence on the effects of kinesiotaping and determines whether KT should be considered when making decisions regarding injury prevention for baseball pitchers. A systematic literature search was performed and 27peer-reviewed articles were included that are related to current practices for preventing shoulder injury in overhead athletes, biomechanics, the effects of KT on asymptomatic shoulders and other body partsand KT as an intervention after shoulder injury. The current research demonstrates that KT alters the biomechanics of the shoulder and in some cases has been an effective intervention for shoulder injury. No studies have found KT to have negative side effects; therefore, its use as an injury prevention technique is suggestive and should continue to be explored.